Bethlehem Area School District Wins State Awards for Social Media and Video

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Bethlehem Area School District Wins State Awards for Social Media and Video

Bethlehem Area School District Continues Winning Streak with State Awards for Communication Excellence

BETHLEHEM, PA, March 2024 – The Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) is proud to announce its continued recognition at the annual Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association (PenSPRA) “Excellence in Education Communication” Contest.  

PenSPRA’s annual “Excellence in Education Communications” Contest celebrates the diverse and impactful work of communications professionals across Pennsylvania. The contest recognizes outstanding achievements in various categories, showcasing how effective communication strengthens schools and communities.

The district was honored with the following awards at the 2023-2024 contest held at Penn State University in State College on March 7-8:

Video Category: 

Award of Merit

2023 Nurses Day Surprise Video 

This video celebrated Bethlehem Area School District nurses with a little extra flair. (

Social Media Category: 

Award of Merit

#BASDcommunity Social Media Campaign 

The inspiration for #BASDcommunity arose from our desire to spotlight the collaborative efforts between our school district and the broader community, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between education and community development. The campaign unfolded throughout the school year, commencing with convocation and the introduction of our new superintendent.


“Our district is built on strong ties with the community,” said Bethlehem Area School District Superintendent, Dr. Jack Silva. “ We are committed to clear and engaging communication, and it’s an honor to see those efforts recognized through these awards.”

The full list of winners can be found at:


About the Bethlehem Area School District

The Bethlehem Area School District is the 6th largest school district in Pennsylvania serving nearly 14,000 culturally and economically diverse students in 22 community-based schools. The district serves five municipalities: City of Bethlehem, Bethlehem Township, Hanover Township, Freemansburg, and Fountain Hill.  The district enjoys numerous community partnerships with universities, businesses, and arts providers that extend the schools’ rich curricular and co-curricular offerings.

About The Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association (PenSPRA)

Chartered in 1969, PenSPRA is an organization of school public relations professionals whose goal is to improve educational communication and support student achievement through systematic, proactive, and responsible public relations programs.

BASD Communications Team: From L George Wacker of Lehigh Valley with Love Media; BASD Communications Coordinator, Barbara Clymer; BASD Media’s Tom Braun; BASD Superintendent Dr. Jack Silva


#MysteryLights Social Media Campaign Fun Times

Lehigh Valley with Love Media took to the skies to help out with an interesting social media campaign held throughout Bethlehem in November called #MysteryLights.

We provided drone footage and video production to push campaign and build excitement leading up to the big reveal.

Molly’s Spotted Lantern Fly Shot Hits the Wall Street Journal

The goal for all of our clients is appropriate awareness. This article in the Wall Street Journal, that features our client, Molly’s Irish Grille & Sports Pub, does exactly that!

Lehigh Valley with Love Media is always available to take your Lehigh Valley business to the next level, so get in touch!

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Social Media Trends So Far in 2019

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Thankfully, crafty people like the ones over at Awario keep up to date with much of what’s going on in the world of social media trends.

They’re good at cat herding.

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How ‘Normal’ is your Business’ Social Media Activity? Let’s Look…

Being “normal” is boring. We know that. In fact, our whole approach to our clients’ social media, videos, and other marketing initiatives is to stand out from the “normal.”

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Instagram’s New Updates Emulate Snapchat

Instagram will begin rolling out an update that will add some very Snapchat-like features in coming weeks.

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Has Facebook Removed the 20 Percent Ad Text Rule? Yes, Kinda

A few months ago, we reported that Facebook may have been making changes to their 20 percent ad rule, which states that any images with more than 20 percent text in them are not eligible for boosting.

At that time, a European site had made claims that the rule seemed to be relaxed, allowing for images with more than 20 percent text in them to be boosted, however, with a warning that they may not reach as many people as a photo with less than 20 percent text.

Unfortunately, no one else was able to verify this claim so, it remained that, just a claim.

However, new information directly from the source itself…

Has Facebook Removed the 20 Percent Text Rule? Probably Not

Anyone who has boosted a post on Facebook from a Facebook page knows the frustration that can come from the “20 Percent Rule.” In an effort to keep everyone’s Facebook news feeds looking less cluttered and attractive (among other reasons) Facebook restricts boosted posts to those with images featuring 20 percent or less of text.

The benefit of this rule is that users see less “meme based” advertising and more quality images. In short, the rule forces advertisers to be a bit more creative in their efforts than by simply putting up the latest picture of Grumpy Cat with a sardonic quip in Impact font.

So, is that rule finally going away?

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