Texas Church Recreates Downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for Holiday Performance

That’s the Christmas City in Texas!

A church in Texas recreated Bethlehem’s iconic Main Street for a special holiday performance.

The set, created by Gateway Church, is impeccably designed to look like our very own Christmas City and is part of their holiday musical “Christmas City, USA“.

You can see some of it on their website or in the embedded video below.

Join Gateway Church for a new Christmas show featuring original music and an amazing cast of characters! Full of spectacular scenery and costumes, high-energy song and dance, a generous helping of humor, and heart-tugging moments, Christmas City, USA is sure to be a family favorite.

During the show, you’ll travel to Christmas City, USA (aka, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) with our main character, Elleanor. It’s Christmas Eve, and Elleanor can’t wait to explore this wonderful town that is devoted to celebrating Christmas … plus, there’s a deeply personal tie to her ancestry.

Elleanor, along with a crew of other colorful characters, set off on a trolley tour of the town to learn more about this special city with a longstanding, close connection to American history.

With flashback scenes, displays coming to life (due to Elleanor’s vivid imagination), and massive musical numbers, this show moves at a quick pace and makes you feel like you’re a part of the story. From beginning to end, Christmas City, USA will draw you in through heartfelt performances that will make you laugh, move you to tears, and warm your heart as we explore what makes the most wonderful time of the year so wonderful!

This holiday season, join us for a story of wonder, hope, and finding your way home again. You may enjoy it so much you see it more than once!

Gateway Church

Thank you to Kristen Walsh for cluing us into this!

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