PA State Rep Michael Schlossberg on COVID and Reopening

We catch Mike Schlossberg PA State Rep District 132 before he left for Harrisburg. We talk about what’s going on in his district, which mostly makes up Allentown, and his thoughts on what’s open and what’s not.

Thank you, Mike!

*We interviewed his write-in opponent, Mike McCreary, previously. Please see our videos for his episode.


Northampton Grad, Comedian Jonny Loquasto

We talk high school, Covid, and Orlando with Northampton Grad, WWE Announcer, Comedian Jonny Loquasto! “Jonny Loquasto began life in the lovely town of Northampton, Pennsylvania.

He ate everything put in front of him as a child and topped it all with tartar sauce, eventually tipping the scales at 165 lbs in 6th grade. Obsessed with sports, JL convinced himself that he was going to be the next Charles Barkley.” –

Mike McCreary, Write-In Candidate for PA-132


Mike McCreary, owner of Lehigh Valley Grand Prix and a Lehigh grad, decided to run for office during the COVID-19 pandemic and he’ll tell you why.

Thanks to Mike for stepping up as well as taking some time to talk to us. Good luck! Election is June 2!Β 

Frederick Koons III. AVP, Marketing and Digital Strategy at KSA&D

he always pleasant Frederick Koons III, AVP, Marketing and Digital Strategy at KSA&D joins us to talk “pivoting” a lot, but also what small businesses can do during this time to continue their marketing.

We show off how businesses such as Potts’ Hot Dogs are selling facemasks as part of their marketing “pivot”. What can we expect this summer?

This is a fun one with a lot of different topics. While it is Memorial Day and not Veterans Day, we’d still like to thank Fred for his service. He is a Retired Staff Sergeant with the US Army who served three tours to Iraq & Afghanistan


Jump in with Stunt Performer Katrina Danyluk

We’re joined by Bethlehem-native and stunt performer Katrina Danyluk. From dancing and the Liberty High School Rifle Team to New Zealand and stunting in Asia, Katrina has traveled the world with her unique job.

Learn more about the @stuntwomenunited video that she was a part of and how she got started in the stunt industry.

Thank you @katrina.danyluk!

Zeke Zelker, Filmmaker

Filmmaker Zeke Zelker gives his thoughts on creativity during the quarantine, how he thinks movie theatres can open now, facial hair, and walking through the corn fields.

Zelker’s organization, Art Spark, will be dropping off bags of art supplies and other goodies to over 60 students throughout the Valley who have been selected to participate in Community Canvas.

The students are asked to create a piece of art work based on the healthy living assembly the Art Spark team hosted at various schools this past winter and spring.

Thanks, Zeke!Β 

Danielle Brunner, Weyerbacher Brewing Company Brewer

Danielle Brunner, brewer at Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton, tells us how she got started in the industry, what makes for a perfect beer, and what we can look forward to at Weyerbacher sometime soon!

Also, learn why Merry Monks was the drink of choice in 2003-06 at Steelgaarden. Thank you, Danielle! πŸΊπŸ»πŸŽ‰