Lehigh Valley Restaurant Challenge

Reddit user u/modigliani55 recently shared their rather extensive Lehigh Valley Restaurant Challenge in r/lehighvalley.

Take a look at their rules and comprehensive spreadsheet!

My wife and I moved to the Lehigh Valley for work mid-pandemic – and this is to be our forever (or foreseeably forever home). So proposed that we attempt to eat at/from every restaurant in the three big cities (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton). We’ve been keeping track for the past few years but thanks to posters here on Reddit, I finally put together a list from the state health board that makes it seem doable. Around 650 restaurants/food establishments – we’ve done a little over 100 so far. Thought l’d share in case anyone wants to join in. – Reddit

Good luck!

Lehigh Valley Hot Dog Map

The Lehigh Valley is home to more than a few hot dogs. In fact, we have so many hot dog places in the area that people fight over their favorites.

We say, “Try them all!”

With the help of our followers, we put together a Lehigh Valley Hot Dog Map that you can load up whenever you’re looking for the closest one to you.

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