Abigail, Senior Class Video 2020

We’d like to wish all members of the Class of 2020 the best! They might not get the send off they were expecting, but it can still be as memorable.

Thank you for letting us share your video, Abigail!


(This video features music not designed for the final product in order to share it online.)

Downtown Bethlehem Association Hosts a Virtual Game Show to Stay Connected with Supporters

HISTORIC DOWNTOWN BETHLEHEM, PA – Sunday, April 12th, Game #2 of “Downtown Bethlehem Duel” will be aired at 7:00 PM on the Heart of Bethlehem Facebook page. The Duel is a virtual game of “families made up of Downtown Bethlehem business owners, employees, volunteers and non-profit organizations, working together in teams of five, to answer a series of popular-opinion questions, both random and about Historic Downtown Bethlehem. It is their intent that winning teams will proceed to the semi-finals, and then to a final showdown. The overall winning team will receive bragging rights, and an advertising benefits package from the Association.