Why “Copy and Paste” Statuses Make Facebook a Worse Place

You’ve seen them. You’ve probably seen one of them this morning. They are the wonderfully vapid “copy and paste” posts that, while they may seem innocuous and even fun at first, truly only serve to make your social media experience worse for everyone you know.

First, what are we talking about, exactly? A “Copy and Paste” post looks very similar to the picture below and usually has text that read as follows:

If you read this, leave me a GIF comment about your day. Then copy and paste this to your wall so I can leave a GIF for you. Don’t just put a GIF and not copy, that’s no fun. 😜


Seems simple and nice enough, right? I mean, you’ve probably even seen or made your own “Copy and Paste” post to honor someone who had cancer or someone who has autism, right? Why would this be a bad thing? Here’s why it is a bad thing.

  1. “Copy and Paste” posts are hoaxes, even if they contain nice sentiments. They are the chain mail emails of the 2010s. Remember how much you hated those things? Well, you should hate these just as much.
  2. Copy and pasting a post makes it much easier for the hoax to continue without being deleted. For example, if a popular Facebook page posts something and then asks many people to share and then it’s determined to be a hoax or fake, then all Facebook has to do is delete the original post. After that happens, all of the subsequent shares and posts are also removed. When a “Copy and Paste” post is shared via copying and pasting it becomes an original post over and over again. It makes tracking down the post nearly impossible and deleting all instances of it totally impossible.
  3. By sharing out innocuous similar posts, such as the ones about honoring those with cancer, etc., you’re getting yourself used to and ready to share a hoax in the future. You’re also grooming those on your friends list to view these types of posts as trustworthy. Then, when an actual hoax post comes along, boom, everyone’s potentially affected.
  4. It’s not real. This reason is subjective, but by sharing these types of “no effort” posts, are you really doing anything to help someone with autism or truly honoring someone with cancer or are you just completing the copy and paste action to feel as though you have done so? Why not share a fundraising event for someone in need or a picture of someone you love who was actually affected?

Being more savvy online doesn’t require a social media degree, it just requires you to wonder a little bit why someone would want to start one of these “Copy and Paste” posts in the first place. Is it to really get something shared or is it to set you up to share something that may be false in the future?

It’s 2018, You Should Be Able to Do These Things With Your Phone

How many social media posts have you seen where someone is distraught over losing “all of their photos” because their phone was broken or lost, or their contacts even?

Have you ever had someone try to text you a three-minute long video?

These types of problems are easily avoidable in 2018. In fact, they are problems that shouldn’t exist anymore. We wanted to try and expedite their, and other smartphone issues, by showing you a few things you should be able to do with your phone in 2018 and how to do them.

5 Things NOT To Do on Your Business Instagram Account

Halfway through 2018, Instagram has become perhaps the number two most important social media account for most small businesses behind Facebook.

Why’s that? Well, while Facebook still has the overall user base advantage, Instagram is the current “hip” platform among millennials and those making purchasing decisions. I could go through a whole litany of reasons why Instagram’s current iteration is better than Snapchat for a small business (including ease of sharing content between platforms), but just trust me when I say it’s as close to a “must have” social media account as your business may ever see.

That being said, here are a few things NOT to do on Instagram that may be harming your current reach.

What You Can Learn from NFL Draft Pick Josh Allen’s Past Tweets

If you’re over the age of about 30 or so (as of 2018) you’ve probably said something similar to “I’m glad they didn’t have social media when I was in high school.”

Why did you say that? Probably because many of us did things in high school that we probably don’t want our current employers to know about, and they probably don’t need to.

Instagram Adds New “Focus” Feature

The latest iPhone’s portrait mode has created a better selfie and Instagram wants to make sure that they get in on the party. Besides, what’s a good selfie if you have to see what’s going on behind you?

In all seriousness, Instagram’s latest “Focus” feature can create some fun, and better looking, photos to share with your friends.

Lehigh Valley with Love Media Sponsors New Molly’s Southside St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Bethlehem

Lehigh Valley with Love Media is proud to sponsor the new Molly’s Southside St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Bethlehem on March 17, 2018 at 1 p.m. beginning at SteelStacks.

The parade is the result of the hard work of many individuals, but mostly due to the unwavering fortitude of the SouthSide Arts District. They took what was just a fun idea dreamed up in the ashes of the Parade of Shamrocks’ cancellation only a few months ago and made it into a real life honest to goodness parade.