Lehigh Valley with Love Podcast Episode 54: Tony Luchini from Lehigh Valley Weather Authority

On this episode, we bring in Tony Luchini, founder and operator of Lehigh Valley Weather Authority. We ask him how he got so enamored with weather, how he comes up with his reports, what he thinks of other weather services, and how he knows Tyler’s brother.

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This episode features the Song “Goodbye Syndrome” by Sunsets North. (www.sunsetsnorth.com)

Lehigh Valley with Love Podcast: Episode 004

In this episode, we talk about horrible Lehigh Valley weather, the Mayor of Allentown’s conviction, and some more depressing items. Oh, and we also talk about St. Patrick’s Day parades from here to Scranton.

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This episode features the Song “Goodbye Syndrome” by Sunsets North. (http://www.sunsetsnorth.com/)