Team Arnav | Relentless Positivity in the Fight Against Osteosarcoma

“Back in 2016, just after he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer that strikes only 400 teenagers annually, Arnav Krishna adopted the mantra ‘Relentless Positivity’ to help him through the tough chemotherapy treatments and difficult surgeries he would need.  He and his family would hold these words in their hearts through his long fight.

Arnav was born in Tulsa, graduated from the Swain School, and was a junior at Moravian Academy.  An excellent student, he regularly achieved Head of School and Dean’s List for his academic achievements.  He started cycling in 2009, and rose to become ranked #18 on the Junior National circuit, with dreams of competing in the Olympics.  His fight against cancer was the subject of feature stories on Philadelphia’s CBS 3 news and Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s website.

In a 2017 essay, Arnav wrote that ‘cancer has taught me many things. It has taught me to appreciate what I have and enjoy the simple things in life… It has also taught me the value of friendship. Through [my treatments], many of my friends visited me and I had a great time when they would come over. They gave me hope and kept me positive even in the darkest of times.'”

Today, his family honors Arnav’s memory and fights against osteosarcoma with that same mantra: #RelentlessPositivity.

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Through a mutual friend, I was able to meet and sit down with Arnav’s brother Dhruv and his parents, Nitin and Sunita, to discuss their story of emigrating to the Untied States and their journey to the Lehigh Valley as well as Arnav and Druvh’s childhood and success on the cycling track. 

We learn about Team Arnav and how you can help fund osteosarcoma research; what #RelentlessPositivity means to them; and just how much Arnav inspired those around him during his life and now, in his memory.

Please be sure to check out their website for information on how you can help. We’ll be at Team Arnav Event on July 24 at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem Township. Hit our show notes for all links and information.

I’d like to give a big thank you to Phil Reese as well as the Krishna family. Learning more about Arnav’s relentless positivity has been inspiring and I encourage you to take a listen. 

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