Lehigh Valley with Love Podcast Episode 89: Joel Shimer of 99.9 The Hawk


The really really super young Joel Shimer, on-air talent and producer at The Hawk joins us to talk being 21, how he got his job, growing up loving radio, and his sweet Nazareth apartment.

From The Hawk’s website: Joel first caught the radio addiction in middle school, when he started playing music on the closed circuit TV station before the school day started. While the other kids were watching Spongebob, he was watching “The History of Rock and Roll” over and over again, and learning the guitar solo to “Layla” after it was over. 

He was brought onto the Hawk team at the young age of 17, working his first year in the business while still in high school. In the little free time that Joel has, he enjoys singing, playing guitar, DJing various events in the valley, and drinking hot tea… but don’t forget the lemon and extra sugar!  You can also catch Joel blasting great classic rock and giving away the best prizes on the weekend.

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This episode features the Song “Goodbye Syndrome” by Sunsets North. (www.sunsetsnorth.com)