Bethlehem, Pennslyvania Sister City Connections (VIDEO)


Embark on a global journey with Bethlehem, PA and learn more about our sister city connections! 🌍

Join City of Bethlehem intern and Lehigh University student, Sam Barney-Gibbs, as we explore the city’s vibrant connections with…

🇩🇪 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany;
🇬🇷 Corfu, Greece;
🇮🇹 Foiano di Val Fortore, Italy;
🇸🇮 Murska Sobota, Slovenia;
🇯🇵 Tondabayashi, Japan.

Delve into the cultural, economic, and educational exchanges that enrich Bethlehem’s global tapestry.

Discover the unique bonds forged with each sister city and the impact of these international collaborations on the city’s rich heritage. 🤝

Video produced by Lehigh Valley with Love Media