Lehigh Valley with Love Episode 063: Original Billboard Contest Sitter Dalton Young

“On Sept. 20, 1982, three men climbed a billboard along Route 22 in Whitehall Township, Lehigh Valley, to begin a  radio promotional contest that ultimately lasted a staggering 261 days. The prize? An $18,000 mobile home for the person who could stay there the longest.” – Philly.com

We bring in one of those men, Dalton Young, to the podcast. Dalton talks about his experiences, including an undercover sting. We learn about what made that billboard sway as well as what’s happened since Dalton left that billboard as a 23-year-old many years ago. Hear about phone calls from France and reporters from Rolling Stone.

The contest also inspired Billboard Movie, directed by one of our former guests and friends, Zeke Zelker.

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This episode features the Song “Goodbye Syndrome” by Sunsets North. (www.sunsetsnorth.com)